Friday, June 01, 2007

hi, my name is amy and this is my blog page!

I am alive and I am going to get better about posting on my blog. Right after VBS is over. Our VBS starts Mon and is over Wed night. I am excited for it to start, but of course, nervous for it to go smoothly. Here are a few pics I have taken of the girls. Our little girl is now the oldest and yes, graduating from Kindergarten. It was amazing to see how much she had "grown" in one year. She started off the year scared of being dropped off, then ended the year, with "let me out here, you don't have to go to the door."

Then there is AJ. I should write a book about this child. Her b-day was last week. She is a big 3! Since we were having her party after her actual b-day, we told her she pick anywhere she wanted to go and we would take her. McDonalds it was! She kind of looks like the little Shrek toy. (I did not know they were doing green things or I would not have put green pony tails in her hair!!!!!) This is the bike she wanted. She had one from Sydney, but she would not even try to ride it, much less, sit on it. When she got her bike that night, she rode the thing around our neighborhood, which is exactly one mile around. That stubborn toot.....Kirk said she looked like Napoleon Dynamite.

What a cutie what a cutie. Tater is so big and is trying to reach for toys. We call her billy goat, b/c she is always eating at her hands, fingers, clothes, toys, whatever she grasps in those tiny fingers, she chews on it. It's cute to watch her eat her dress on Sundays. It gets laughs from people sitting around us.

The three of them together. Can you take too many pictures of your children? NO WAY, is one of many, many, many more to come.