Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tater is ONE!

Our Precious little Taytum turned the BIG ONE on Friday, the 8th. We had her birthday party at our house on Saturday. It was 70* and it was a beautiful day for our little Tater Tot! She had so much fun and she absolutely loved her cake that I made for her. (that will be another post) I cannot believe how big she is and how fast time flies 3rd time around. It literally seems like a few months ago we were just coming home from the hospital. God has been so good to our family and has blessed us beyond what we could imagine. I thank Him every day for our beautiful gifts that He has given us.

Monday, February 04, 2008

what i did not learn in my education classes

we say the kids (teens) of today are problems and are messed up. i, for the past several years, have been sheltered to what is really going on out there. teaching at lubbock christian was such a blessing, that i now know i took it for granted. being in a HUGE school and having kids from all walks of life, i am exposed and being reintroduced to the public school system.

yes, there are some great kids out there. however, there are some facing more than i would ever want to face in a life time. despite their behavior, weekend fun, and their laziness; these kids are CONQUERORS! right before christmas break one of my students lost her autistic brother. he never woke up one morning. then another student who lost her older sister in a carwreck last march lost her middle sister two weeks ago. that is two sisters in less than a year. then this past thursday another student went home from school to find dad had committed suicide.

what is going on? i am not kidding when i say out of 129 students probably 15-20% have "normal" homes. that means a mommy, daddy, and they some-what get along and that kid is some-what sound. it might be less than that. the same kid who lost his dad, his mother is in a coma and has been for 11 years. does that explain rehab and probation?

my heart is aching for these kids. they need so much love and as seniors are way too cool to say it or even dare act as though they appreciate it. what an inner struggle. it really has put things in perspective for me especially after being home for 4 years and only being around church kids.

this is definitely not what i was expecting as teacher. i am thankful i am not a new teacher experiencing this. it seems minute, but when you see how easily and tenderly the other students are affected, it really knocks you out for a while. please pray for today's generation. they are tough little suckers, but as we know as women: you can be strong for only so long, then you break!