Sunday, October 07, 2007

back to life......

I'm back!!! I know it has been forever since I posted. I promise I am trying. I do get on and check your blogs, so keep checking mine. I will do better.

Work is going good. I am getting back into the swing of things. I have 1 six weeks under my belt; only five more to go. It has been good, except the grading. I have to grade 127 papers at a time and that is a hoot......

We made our first trip to the ER and got our first stitches. Alayna fell Friday night after a game and sliced her finger open. She got three stitches in her ring finger. We are glad and fortunate that only her finger was messed up. She bounced back quickly, but tells us about the whole ordeal every thirty minutes or more.

Syd is starting basketball (mommy's sport) and I am so excited. She did her run at t-ball, but now for the good stuff. Kirk is staying out and letting me take over now!

Tater is a big almost 8 mos old. She is pulling up and crawling everywhere. She is attracted to cat food. (It would be easier to just move the cat food, but it is in too good of a spot and I refuse to move it.) So, I am constantly moving her away from it.

Other than that all is well. I got a new camera for my birthday (10/18). I will be 33. These are some pics I have taken on it so far. I will add some more as I take some - yea for me, bad for you. You all will have to bear through my playing and figuring out my camera. I am excited b/c I love to take pics and now I have the equipment to do so.

Add more later, just finally getting a moment of peace to myself (1:01am) so updating to let you know I am alive and well.