Thursday, April 05, 2007

it just sneaks up on you

Well, I have to say I did real well for three days. I was fine on not craving chocolate, or being tempeted by candy and morsels, and all that.You all must have been praying hard for me! Anyways, I messed up without even realizing I was eating or shall I say, drinking chocolate. I hate milk, but every now and then, I crave it. However when I drink it cannot be plain, so I load it down with chocolate powder. So there I was, drinking chocolate milk. THat ruined it for me, so I decided to not give it up totally. I don't eat the things that are "bad" for the hips and gut. I figured though; that I probably should have the milk.

It did make me think - how the devil sneaks in on us daily. I do not ever have to worry about murdering, adultry, stealing, and some of those "BIG" sins. But the devil has a way of sneaking in all those "little" sins without us even know we are sinning. Every time I drink my chocolate milk, I think instead of the things I need to work on like gossiping and some other things we do daily without hesitation. Chocolate milk was once what crashed me and ruined my efforts, but it is also the exact thing that keeps me on the right track. What irony.

Therefore let me sum up: Eat chocolate, one should not deprive the soul, but have the strength to stand strong! I will still refuse to eat a chocolate bunny.