Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The day I gave up chocolate

Ok, not only has it been a while since my last post - but come on three kids. And I can officially say, I have gone off my rocker. Life has changed and routines are different and yet, I look in the mirror and think, "What has my life come to?" Please do not get me wrong, I find so much joy in my kids and husband; I would not trade anything for them. They are what makes me me, these days at least. Well, the reason for my title: again, looking in the mirror, I see I need to lose more baby weight, 8 pounds from this pregnancy, 15 pounds from the second pregnancy and about 10 from the first. YOU CAN DO THE MATH! So, I am working on my diet, but to do that, I know I am going to have to give up chocolate. Now, I do not eat candy bars or eat tons of cookies or sweets, I eat chocolate. My favorite are bittersweet morsels. They are sweet going in, but bitter once they land on the hips and stomach. I think - I know I have been eating more due to trying to survive life lately. So that has lead me to give up chocolate. There is a hook; though. I can have a bite of sweet at Easter and or if I am at an event. I cannot eat all the little candies my family has in sight everywhere. I am being realistic. Every five pounds I get a reward: CHOCOLATE! and maybe a new outfit........ So, I will need to draw willpower and strength from you all.

Please send encouraging thoughts. (most of you have my email address, or leave a comment)
Please pray for me ( I wish I was kidding!)
Please tell me there is a patch for this.

I heard on the Today show today it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. YIKES!!!!! I can say, I said I was going to give up chocolate today, and I did that - I gave it up today. We will see what happens with tomorrow.

And while my hands are jittery, my head hurts (from thinking about chocolate), and I am excited to lose weight, I will talk about my coke problem another time.

Until then, here's to looking at you chocolate.