Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas and another reality check!

Here are my Ninny and AJ. Trying to get the best picture is practically impossible, but aren't they all cute?

Hope everyone has a great holiday - time off. We are travelling to Lubbock and will hopefully see snow! I am ready to be in cold weather. I am excited to see children's face light up when Santa comes and to watch them play with all of their presents.

On a side note, here is my reality story for this week:
Yesterday morning, I stumped my 4th toe against the ladder to Ninny's bunk bed. It hurt horribly. It went numb for a while. I could feel myself getting sick to my stomach. (I have a high pain tolerance and transfer pain when something is wrong) I told Big Johnson that I thought I broke my toe, please look at it b/c I cannot reach it nor see it up close. He looks at it and twists it and rplies, it is not swollen or bruised so it is ok. I am bearing the pain......

I leave the house at 9:30am and return at 6:45 pm. I have been on my feet all day long finishing up all shopping, getting a haircut (one luxury) and going to the Dr. My legs are swollen and in pain, and I still cannot feel my toe. I go to my room to take a hot bath (a must for me when exhausted) I get in the tub and hold my foot up to get a glance at my toe. It is black and blue and red. I call Big Johnson back in to look closer for me and give me an update. He gasps at the sight (hopefully of my toe, not me in the tub!!!!) He calls my sister-in-law who is a pa. When I get out of the tub, I have an ice pack, pillows to elevate my legs, a glass of water with tylenol and finally - his sympathy. Yes, it takes a broken toe that is black to get sympathy from a man; ok, plus direct instructions from our family dr. helped me out too. I don't care what it took, I milked the evening for all it was worth. I still cannot put full pressure on my foot, but I am proceeding with life. One eveneing "off" and "pampered" was all I needed to be renewed!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

three cuties!
alayna, ellie and sydney take a time out from thanksgiving to give us a pose. ellie is their cousin, but here is what all our pictures will look like - three girls......

kirk and i took a week long trip to las vegas the week after thanksgiving. he had to work at the cowboy christmas during the rodeo finals, and i got to tag along.

here is me and my man - he's cute and he is chocolate! we toured the m&m factory, of course, i would tour anything that makes chocolate. it was a blast.

this is the only place kirk could find to take his picture. remember we are in vegas - in front of a woman with her boob hanging out! that was as close to a showgirl as he got.....all the decorations for christmas were beautiful. we had lots of fun, but walking 5 miles everday 30 weeks pregnant was a little strraining, but well worth the pain.