Tuesday, September 26, 2006

here's to you big johnson

ok, my husband was reading my blog for the first time last night. he did not know my blog's name, how to spell it, or how to get to it. i walked him through step by step. then he had some "comments" on all i have blogged. he asked why i had written what i had and how did i decide what i would put on there. i did the explaining of how it is like everyone says, a diary you leave for the public to read. well, he read it and wept....... he asked where his picture was and why i did not have a family photo on their and well - many other curious questions.

answers: for some reason, i never have pictures of kirk and i. i guess we take so many pictures, we exclude ourselves from them. most of the pictures we are in are with our children. the ones we do have of ourselves are so ridiculous i would not want the public to be able to view them. and as for me especially, i do not like being in pictures b/c it is sad when panaramic view is required to get the job done!!!! (remember i am preg so feeling extra fat is a constant right now)

so while i do not have a decent picture of kirk - i mean big johnson (the name he has chosen for me to refer to him as) i will make extra effort to take one and upload to my blog. simply said; kirk will no longer be. from now on, he is BIG JOHNSON. i do not even know where he came up with that name. i think it was clothing he wore in the 80's. which is scarier, the name of clothing from the 80's or the fact that my husband wants to be referred to as it?

either way, i will end with this - farewell my love, hello vintage wear!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Girls - Girls - Girls

Well, we had our first sonogram today! and as we guessed and figured - it's another girl. Of course, we would have liked a boy, but we are more than glad to have another girl. God has blessed us so much and we could not ask for more. Sydney was a little sad at first, but she immediately overcame her sadness and began drawing pictures for her new sister. That is all she can talk about now. Alayna is still clueless. One minute she says, "No girl, I want bwuther." Then she says, "I big sister and litl sis." She will catch on and understand soon. Despite all the roller coaster emotions, we are excited and are starting to work out all the details. Our new precious girl is healthy and growing well. Everything looks as it should.