Monday, November 19, 2007

my precious three

forgot to add pics from a while back. i am also on kirk's computer and he only had this one. trust me there are more. i will add them soon!

hi, this is my blog

ok, so i am behind. since my last blog, suzanne has become pregnant, lisa has short hair, jenni has decorated her house for christmas and cleaned it (and if you have ever seen her house at christmas, it looks like a magazine!) several of you have been on dates, dinners, and coffees, the binkleys have had a complete soccer season; so what have we been doing?

syd is playing basketball. do you know what 1st graders playing basketball looks like? and no i am not coaching, but i did get mad at the second practice at what the coach was telling them on how to shoot, so i got up off the floor where i was "being a parent spectator" and took over. i know you are all having a hard time imagining me doing that, but i did handle it nicely. the coach had a phone call she had to take and i "volunteeered" to step in.

aj is not of this planet. that girl is a hoot. she is notorious for getting food out of the fridge, take a few bites and then put the eaten left overs back in the fridge. who's kid is she????? i asked her the other day why there were eaten tortillas in the fridge. she responded, "because that's where tortillas go, mom." what knowledge and innocent smart mouth at the same time. when we asked her what she wanted from santa, she told us a boyfriend. she is so close to a clone of me it is beyond scary! she is highly involved in cheering - we go to two or so games a week. between volleyball,china spring football, midway football, baylor, tech and texas football, our kids know football and cheers. she is also learning soulja' boy. now that is a sight i will have to upload for you when she gets good at it. (it could be a while......)

tater is 9 mos old, pulling up on everything. she makes noises on command, has 4 teeth and eats only table food. she spits baby food back out at us. she is developing a little personality now. i am going to say her sisters better treat her right because she is going to be mean and have a little temper. i would not mess with her! plus, she is going to be bigger than aj (probably in a few months). i am debating on our christmas tree. she will be all in it and pulling things off - will it be worth it when we are not going to be here hardly any of that time anyways.

i know this is a long update, but hey, long time no type.....
oh, yeah - as for me and kirk - all is good, busy, hectic and way crazy. but we survive and would not trade it for anything else