Monday, January 28, 2008

Reality strikes again

Here's the situation - Kirk is out of town from Wed - Sun. I am going to San Antonio for two birthday parties. My parents are driving up as well, so I diligently pack us on Thursday and get everything ready because Mimi will allow me some FREE time! All I have to do is leave school (sneak out early at 3:30), pick up the kids, load the car up, stop for a bite to eat and cruise our way into San Antonio and be there in plenty of time to visit and enjoy a little bit of Friday night. That's easy, right?
Reality happens: I get a call at school from the nurse. Sydney has lice! WHAT? Boy did this sneak up on me. Now the whole story has changed. I don't get to leave early, I pick up the kids (it's already 5:00pm), and as soon as I get home, I load up the car. A friend calls me from Wal-Mart - she graciously picks the shampoo up for me. I feed Taytum who is screaming and meet my friend to exchange money for loot. It is now 6:15! Kids are screaming, so we might as well eat. We get home at 7:00 and now I have to start the bathing and combing process. I one at a time bathe them and shampoo their hair, not Taytum's. Then comb through all their hair (Syd has a ton...) and then I put a movie on for them, lay Tater down for a nap and go and wash my hair. We load up at 9:45 and head for San Antonio. Yes, it is a 3 hour drive, but if you read my previous blog, I am obviously one for staying up late. It turned out to be a good weekend, but at 11:30 pm Monday night I am just now finished washing sheets, changing sheets, washing coats, backpacks, hair bows and all the works. What an ordeal. This was such a WOW experience, but I don't even have to mention what kind of mom I felt like for not even noticing she had lice. How do you miss that? She is good to go now and no lice no nits. However, I do know where we get the term "nit-picky," and that - I will no longer choose to be!
As for the pics, Syd is a girl after her mommy's heart and loves basketball. AJ fell sleep with her shoes and socks on; too bad they are on her HANDS! And Tater, well another girl after mommy's heart - digging in the fridge!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ode to Sue

Jill mentioned that I should write an entry about adventures in the world of Sue. So, I am only going to mention "ideas" of stories. If you lived in Katie Rogers while we were there, I am sure you will know the story to these topics..... these are in random order as they pop into my head. i am sure i will leave off many, and these are in way meant to offend others that were there!

Ramen Noodles
Meeting guys who were coincidently from Tatum
grapefruits at pledge week
saran wrapping jill's door
garage sales (other people's belongings)
stinky feet
canon in d
lingerie in a girls' dorm?
saran wrapping toilets
belting burgers up through a window
scaring people and getting chased by nathan b
our first outing with nathan and mabbie
doug/trent (lisa we got some stories for you)
master follies - which one?
skipping the entry test our freshman year - where were we? ok, i was there, where were you?
Kettles - can you really get kicked out of there? YES!
Denny's - for accepting us when Kettle would not
vienna sausages
spending the night at kim's
all nighter's in the dorm
staying up til 3:00 am and then kim and i going to class at 7:30, but what, your first class is after chapel?
dorm duty
getting dorm duty for cleaning dishes (wich was our oiriginal dorm duty) in our room sinks

exam night (what was that tradition)
deep blue something
poky cows
being called intimidating - what us?
Gosh, there are so many more. Mel and Jill, help me out!

what great memories and laughs and i am so glad we did not have digital cameras back then. we would be in trouble!

Friday, January 11, 2008

what irony of the education system

i am so excited that i have stayed caught up on my blog lately. and i even took the time to put a cool new background. besides using time that i should have been doing numerous other things, i took the time to play and do what i like to do.

then it hit me. why don't i upgrade my blog at school during my conference? great idea......kinda! i can get to my dashboard to add a post, but i can not access my blog page to read it and to read all of yours. the dashboard is not blocked, but the actual blog page is blocked. i cannot even check my email from here.

that's ok, i can still do all the updates.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what happens to life with 3 girls.....

what happens to life when you have three girls?

1) you have great beauty and posing moments

2) you can only survive with a little help from soda - yes, the poor youngest needs the most!

3) you get a spider-man with a big pink bow (sticking out through the hole in the mask!)

you never know what will happen - but you do know there will be a fight, there will be screaming at each other, there will be tears, there will be food, and then there will be friends, aka: sisters

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. We went around and asked the family what all they remembered from 2007. Of course, when you ask a 3 year old that, you know you will get some wild answers. But I am glad AJ remembers me!
Here are some of the highlights, looking back:
Shelly - the cat, now MIA
added Tater to our family
volleyball championship (Midway)
football championship qualifier (China Spring)
organized my first VBS
trips during the summer
Sydney's first T-ball and basketball game
hospital trips to the ER
being flooded out of our own lake
loss of family members, Kirk's Papa, Terrel Oats
and Amy's Grandmother, Doris Page

I know there are so many things that I am leaving off my list. These were some of the things that we mentioned as a family.

We love you all, we pray for you and your families and pray that your year is blessed and full of love. I do hope to keep in touch with you all better and to update my blog more often. I want to find more time to do those things that I love to do, but never find the time to do.

Have a great 2008!
(who can resist, it ryhmes!)