Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's is all about LOVE

Taytum Lynn - going home from the hospital.
Kirk and his three princesses.....
Our first Valentine's day with our new one.
What a day of love!

We finally had our new baby girl! Taytum Lynn was born February 8, at 6:07pm. She weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. Parents are glad she is fianlly here, Big Sister Sydney is a great help, and Big Sister Alayna is now recognizing her and is working on being a big helper. We are now our complete little Whittle family. Things are going good. She is a big eater so nursing has not been a problem, except that is all I feel I get done during the day is feeding a two week old. Once she gets on a better and longer eating schedule and sleeps for longer periods in the night, all will be great. We are blessed with happy healthy babies that grow up to be beautiful girls!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

time to have the baby

We've made it and we can see the light. Only five more days until the baby girl arrives. We have had several moments when we thought "this is it!" However, we endure each time. So as usual, I will probably make it to my inducement date on the 8th. I go to the Dr. on Mon and will get all the facts. Pray that we go into labor on the 7th and beat the date. I have long horrible labors, so I would love this on to be shorter and easier. We are progressing by ourselves this time, so I am still hopeful for a "nature" calls delivery vs. the many many many levels of pitosin(sp?) I normally go through.

Of course when all is done and are back home I will post pics of our new one and of the proud big sisters. Hope you all will come back to see them. It seems so long ago and it seems like it has been more than 9 mos, but we are finally here. YAHOO!!!!!!

Anybody got any labor inducing ideas, email them to me. We have done several of the top notch ones - I cannot walk anymore, eat anymore, and some others are not helping either (you know which other one I am talking about.....) so any fresh and tried and true methods, let me know!