Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Precious Girls....

Here are some pictures we took of the girls this past weekend. Sydney just returned from a week at the beach. She had an awesome time. Alayna caught on real quick that she was getting all of the attention, so so milked that cow dry!
I got a new laptop yesterday, so I am playing on the computer and have realized I have wasted more than enough time. But it is fun. We are looking forward to the weekend and then of course the 4th of July. I am sure I will have more pictures then.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is the Real Life

ok, so i am cooking dinner, the girls are in their rooms playing and of course daddy is about to come home and see how nice and smooth things are run while he is gone. he always misses the dramatic moments and does not understand my stress! about that time alayna comes in the kitchen and says momma stuck. i look down at her and she has a roller brush (the smallest around) stuck in her hair. sydney thinks she will help so she pulls the brush. alayna screams and i take her into the living room to get it untangled. it is a mess! kirk walks through the door expecting everyone to run to him and yell daddy's home! instead he comes in to screaming and chaos.

with a water bottle, detangler bottle, a knife and scissors we finally get her hair untangled 30 minutes later. i did not have to cut her hair - thank goodness the brush was at the root of her head, but we did pull out clumps of hair. her hair is very thin on the left side. needless to say, the casserole cooking was dry, we missed church, and i ended up with the headache!
i have a picture i will upload it later.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This is the Real Life

This is the Real Life

I wrote a comment instead of adding to my blog. I am going to need work at this! I am trying to keep up, but we are gone a lot. I am waiting for things to settle down here and get more organized. Well, if you read my comment, you know that things will not settle down here. Now I have to reaarrange my whole house to lose the 4th bedroom. Miss interior decorator, I need you to have a hayday at my house.

Later gators

Monday, June 12, 2006

Here are my precious girls. This was taken at Six Flags - our first trip of many!

Joining the Bandwagon

Ok you all! You have finally convinced me to join the technology world and get going on the blogging. I like to keep a journal and I constantly send emails telling all the wild and crazy things that happen to me on a daily basis, so I figure this is perfect for me!

Can't wait to truly get going on this.