Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is the Real Life

have you ever noticed....

Have you ever wondered why we do some of the things we do? I was noticing some things I do as I was cleaning house yesterday.
Why when vaccuuming will one just simply not stop and pick up that little piece that can't be suctioned up? One will run over that piece fifty times, lift the vaccuum cleaner up and try to get it that way, but we simply won't pick it up. Determination, I am sure.
Why when taking clothes from the dirty clothes hamper to the utility room, does it have to be in one trip? One will attempt numerous times to pick up that pair of shorts or underwear in order to make one trip. If it falls off again, one will simply kick it across the floor to the destinated place. Again, determination!
Why when taking that big load out of the dryer, again we feel the need to make one trip? One will scoop and scoop and scoop and scoop, but hey, we made in one trip; only to be frustrated when you drop the whole load because you tripped over another load anxiously awaiting its turn.
Why is it that one will spend a whole day cleaning, and when all is done will sit down and admire the DETERMINED work? We relic in our accomplishment and even count how many days until we won't have to clean again. Then children come home from school, husband comes home and living begins. Then you spend the next cleaning up your fresh cleaned house.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

first glimpse of baby

We had a Dr. visit this morning. I did not get to do a sonogram, though. We will do one in September. I will be 21 weeks when I do one, so this is new to me. My Dr. in Lubbock did one every visit, so we got to know what sex and all that from the earliest we could tell.

The Dr. was could not get a heart beat on the doppler thing. It was scary because I was by myself and she is telling me she cannot find a heartbeat. There went my heartbeat with the words. She had this little portable ultrasound machine. She picked up a picture of the baby quickly and the heart was beating advidly. I was so relieved. Now my heart was beating again. This machine was too little to see details, but I did get to see the baby! It just seems to make everything official and then all those emotions start coming out. Anyways, the baby was moving wildly throughout the whole ultrasound. That is why she could not hear the heart because the baby was moving too much and too fast! Now my worries really set in. I have two crazy monkeys already, now I have one learning from them from in the womb. I'll have my work cut out for me. I am more excited and can start feeling some heavy movements now, so today has been a good baby day. Then reality sinks in when Kirk comes home at 4:30 and the kids are watching tv and mom is knocked out on the couch. Yep, back to normal for now.....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time flies.....

ok, you can tell it is school season. everyone is busy and we all seem to be getting behind on our blogs. sydney's tooth fell out. alayna keeps pointing to her teeth and wants us to feel hers. she is also working on potty training. i want to wait until after labor day, but she does everything, but puts the diaper on herself!

i am finally feeling better. i go to the dr tomorrow. i hope i get to do a sonogram, but i do not think i will. i pray we hear "it's a boy!" that would definitely be an answered prayer.

we are getting on our school routine, but time goes before we know it. we are having to put the girls to bed so early that we feel like we are missing so much of their time.

other than that, we are still adjusting to life in a new place. we are starting to meet people and not feel so secluded to "us." the house next to us sold and they have a two year old also, so we are very thrilled about that.

we are busy, but just trying to keep up with the same - o same - o. hope to see some of you soon.

Monday, August 14, 2006

This is the Real Life

Milestones that make moms happy!

Well, not only is Sydney starting kindergarten, but we have crossed some other grand milestones. Sydney's first tooth is loose. She is excited and hopes that it falls out before school starts. We are working on it, but no give so far.

Alayna has given up the binky. We were wanting to get rid of the binky and have her potty trained before the baby came, so one down and one to go. She has been wanting a dora doll. (Everything is Dora) I told her she could have the dora doll or she could have binky. She gave me the binky, I gave her the dora doll, and we are without the binky for three days; naps and all. Now if we could get to the pottying down, we would be all clear.

As for mom, as sad as I am my oldest is off to school, I relic in two other events - no binky and losing a tooth.

Yes, we are all smiles....