Sunday, November 26, 2006

What you should not do while pregnant - and what you don't want to hear!

For all of us who have ever been pregnant, you know there are just some things you do not want to hear, experience, or whatever it may be. We do silly things, we do stupid things, and we do things simply because we don't want to change everything about us for nine months. Ironically, we get away with mood swings, atttitude, fattiness, and all that other jazz - simply because we are pregnant.

Here are a few things I have experienced lately that I thought I would share with you all - because you have been there and you UNDERSTAND!!!!!

1) I have been glued to the Biggest Loser. I record it each week on our DVR. I have been amazed at the people and their stories, but like any reality show; you want to know who is getting voted off each week and what drama is happening this week. While watching one episode, Kirk looks at me and says this, "Man, after you have this baby, we have got to do our own Biggest Loser." This is not exactly what I wanted to hear at the time I was 26 weeks pregnant. Then I am thinking I have 14 more weeks to go, thanks a lot!

2) While 27 weeks pregnant, I am in Lubbock visiting my family. I am at the mall (not at my will) with 8 kids. Anyone would be stressed! I forgot something I desperately needed to do, so I run across the parking lot to go back and do it. BOOM!!!! I splat flat on my belly. I bruised my knee horribly, (still can't bend it totally) I broke the face on my watch, I had black streaks all over my shirt, and I had scratches on my belly, arms, and legs. After getting up and talking with my mom and sister, I am in the car a frantic mess. I call Kirk (my support system and coach) who is hunting with my dad and brother. Instead of answering my call he texts messages me HUNTING!!!! Again, this did not go over well either!

3) Last weekend, I was having horrible pains in my back and all down my left side into my groin. I also had not felt the baby kicking all day. I called the Dr and she sent me to labor and delivery to get checked out and make sure I am not having contractions. I got to the hospital at 5:00pm, only three hours late. I had to wait for Kirk to get home. We take the kids to some friends and wait for them to get me hooked up to all the monitors. Everything is ok, but of course, they want to keep me for observation. Kirk then ask the nurse how long I will be there. She responds with a look and says, a while. Kirk who has purchased tickets to a playoff game, ask me if I am ok and if he can leave to go to the game. He assures me by telling me he will pick me up on his way home, since I will be there a while anyways. Kirk leaves at 6:45pm. He picks the girls up from our friends' house and takes them to a game in Round Rock. At 7:45 I am released from the hospital. I have to call this same friend and ask her to come and get me because my husband is at a football game. Yes, this really happened.

4) Ok, all of these have been about kirk, but here is my own. I was eager to hit all the holiday sales, but I am in a town that does not have all the stores I need. So my sister in law Holly and I decide to go to Round Rock at 12:00am because their outlet mall is opened all night with major sales! We shop all night at the outlet stores, then we arrive at Walmart at 4:45am. We hit Target and many more stores trying to beat the rush and get all the items on our list. We knocked off quite a bit, got a lot of shopping done, (not all Christmas, but hey....) and returned to Marble Falls at 8:3oam. It took three hours for my legs to unswell and for me to feel them. Then I decided to treat myself to a pedicure and manicure on Sat. Needless to say, I felt the results on Sun.
What will we go through for a little girl fun?

So, here is my life. I have 8 to 10 weeks left. I will update you on any other great pregnancy moments. As for now, I hope to survive Christmas and then I really need to get going on a nusery. We will need some type of corner or niche to put the baby in.......

Friday, November 03, 2006

our happy halloween

We had a tremendous halloween this year. From carving pumpkins to trick-or-treating, every thing was great! This is AJ, Big Johnson and Syd on a hay ride. One of the realtors in our neighbor hood had a hay ride, free hotdogs and drinks, and lots of treats for the kids. If our neighborhood went this out for halloween, I am scared to see Chistmas!
Here are my trick-or-treaters. AJ was a kitty cat (or a tiger as she called herself) and Syd was a fairy. I did not get the picture, but Syd was eating some of her candy and lost her 2nd tooth. What a story to tell about the benefits of eating all the candy. AJ really got into the swing of things. She would run to a door and hold her pumpkin out and then just look at people with those little "kitty cat" eyes. Then she would say thank you real loud and run back to us. I think she got more candy b/c she was so cute and funny. I did not upload a picture of her backside, but she was so protective of her tail. And she is so little, she was just adorable.
Here are my cat and fairys' beautiful faces. They were so fun this year. We had an amazing time. Syd said this was her best halloween ever. I have our neighborhood to thank for that. It is a squared off subdivision of 5 streets. Everyone sat out on their porches and waited. Many decorated their garages, porches or had tables set up with decor for all the little ones. I was amazed myself. I do agree with Syd that it was one of our best halloweens ever. Now on to Syd's birthday in two weeks and then on to Thanksgiving and Christmas and then prep for the baby. And we wonder where our time goes........