Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Junk Mail????

I go check my mail, and as usual, junk, junk, bills, oh wait; two letters to me - and it's not my b-day. WOW! One is a thank you note from my aunt, a nice surprise. The other one is addressed to me, but no return address on the envelope. Curious and excited, I tear into my letter. It is a newspaper clipping. I read the headline - "Amazing Fat Fighting Tablet Triggers Rapid Weight Loss...Even if you Cheat!" Then I notice a sticky note on the paper clipping that says, I tried this and it really works, give it a try Amy.

Now I am beyond curious. I search the envelope, marked from Santa Anna, CA. Nope, don't know anybody from there. How did I get this? Does somebody know me, and I am not thinking or what? This clipping looks like a real newspaper article and it has mutual funds stuff covering the back. Yes, I go on to read the article. It is worded a little too cheesy for synical journalists. It is too supportive and not - giving the facts. I can tell this is an "advertisement." It talks about all the diet pills that are hard to swallow and make endless promises. This is a chewable easy to eat pill - THAT IS THE SIZE OF A MINIATURE REESE'S CUP!! What, that is not easy to chew, that is a Bite. Then at the end when it gives you all the ordering info, it says, "this is according to the company when we contacted them." Remember, this is a journalist writing the article.

All in all, it is a new type of junk mail. The paper is obviously too perfectly cut for someone to have cut it out. It is obviously not written by a newspaper staff. It is very deceiving in its appearance and I can tell this has probably "captured" a lot of people who are desperate to try anything, because they think this is real and legite. Boy, does this not sound like us and satan. He sends us so much "junk mail" that we bypass as truth. We believe what it says and we buy the false product. However, if you take the time to "read" and really look at the package; it is obvious that this is false hope. We are so desperate that we are gullible to all of satan's gimicks. Satan knows our weaknesses and he will challenge us at any extreme. Don't be fooled by those deceiving promises and great testimonies. Throw junk mail away!