Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School

August has been so busy, but has been great. We started school at Bosqueville. It is a small 1-A school, but allows for us all to be on the same campus! I love it..... Here are some pics of school and other odds and ends.
Here is Alayna putting her things in her cubby and then "working" at her table as everyone arrives. She is loving Pre-K and is being so big. She has all ready turned into quite the big girl.
Sydney was so happy to be back in school. She could not wait for it to start. She was an ol' pro to first day of school. She found her desk and then could not wait for us to leave.

Little Tater did not do so well. She has cried a lot this week. I hope it is just the transition. I hope she gets better soon. She does not cry when we leave, but she is fussy all day long. But I get to "sneak" peeks at her when she does not know I am looking. Her teachers are great and are doing their best to make her transition faster.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of summer.....

Well, it has been a while since I blogged, so here are a few pics of the last month! Unfortunately but very much needingly, it has been raining for two weeks. We got 4" in one our, so yes a lot of streets and places flooded. Today was the first day without rain, so of course, we were out on the lake. Here is a pic of Alayna sticking her head out the window while getting ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

This is Kirk and Tater at our waterpark. I took the picture and did not really look at her posing like her Daddy. She thinks she is so big and mimics everything anyone does!
This pic is what happens to Kirk and I about 4:45! and what do our children do, take pics of us....
The last two pics are of all the granchildren on my side. There are 13, so out of 20 pic, not one has all heads in the pic, looking at the camera, somone is not crying or being goofy. You take what you can get! The last one is of course my three princesses. They have all grown up in so many different ways this summer. It makes mommy proud and sad at the same time.
and yes, first day of school on monday, pics to come sometime next week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I owe; I owe; so off to work I go.....

Well, summer is officially over for me, the first day of orientation. Last year at the big 4A school we had a week long of useless info. Today in my small 1A, we met for lunch at a steakhouse, they took all 7 of us on a tour and then to the tech lab to get our emails and go over a few internet things, and then we'll see you tomorrow. And all teachers are back tomorrow. WOW! only a 1/2 day of new teacher orientation. "I think I'm gonna like it here...."
However, Kirk left this morning for market until Sunday night; Syd comes in my room at 7 to tell me she threw up down the hallway, the other two kids are just now getting over a virus and have snot running down their noses. It all happens on the first day back, but " I will survive, I will survive...."

I am really looking forward to the small town small school atmosphere and will love the slower pace of life. Did I mention because only 10 kids are signed up for speech, I will not have to teach this in the fall. What, an extra conference? "I think I'm gonna like it here!"