Monday, March 17, 2008

spring break fever....

last week was my spring break for midway. it was nice to have some days home with the kids. brought back way too many memories and got my mind spinning with thoughts of staying home again :( i was able to go up to syd's school and eat lunch with her and do some things up there. then playing all day with tater and aj was a real treat. depsite all the students telling how boring i am, i thought i had a lot of fun!

this week is syd's spring break with china spring. we went to lubbock for the weekend. it was nice seeing you again sue, and so soon! we left syd and aj at my parent's for the week. kirk is staying home with tater all week. scary - today they brought the lounge chairs in from outside and watched movies and ate popcorn, biscuits with honey, crackers and i was too scared to hear what she ate for lunch! he is having a lot of fun though, so i am happy. tomorrow they are going fishing - if it is not raining. tater also knows she is by herself and she is milking it for all that it is worth. in between eating and movies, she played a lot in the other girls' rooms. after hearing all the "fun" stuff she did today, i asked if he took any pictures. he did not and looked at me like, "why would i do that?" i informed him of that is what you do when you are at home with them and you see something fun!

of course easter is this weekend. we are going to marble falls. yes, there will be more pics than you want to see - but i cannot wait to see all of yours.
until then..............

Monday, March 03, 2008

happy 40th anniversary!

We went to Lubbock this weekend to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. We rented a small room and invited a few friends to celebrate with us. We tried to keep it low-key, but with 12 grandkids locked up in one room and to keep one secret, well we tried. The best part of the whole party was our gift. My parents have a story:

My dad was just back from the navy (21years)

My mom was a SR in high school (17 years). They met and 3 weeks later were married. I am not kidding. They got married at my dad's house on March 1st. My dad's mom did the whole wedding from flowers to food to even videoing the wedding. My mom's mom was forced to go to the wedding (you could imagine!) She got married on Friday and then went to school on Monday. I would faint if I had a student do this and I would kill if I had a daughter do this. Anyways, God had a plan and it is still in progress. They have been happily married for 40 years, and what an example they are to us. We still learn from them - and we also learned what not to do!

They had my brother two years later (19 years old and my sister at 20) I did not come along until my mom was 24. That is so insane and we laugh at them and mock them continually; however we are so thankful and fortunate for this union.

Needless to say, with all the effort of my grandmother, they never had pictures made. So we took the video (vintage) to KK's and had a DVD made of the wedding and got some still shots for them as well. I posted a picture of them with the print we had made.

You can tell from this picture where I came from - neither one can deny me.......