Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Polar Express!

All Aboard!

We took the girls to Palestine, TX to ride the train on the Polar Express Tour. It was a wonderful experience - and one we hope to do again; make it a tradition. We arrived at the train station and it was decorated nicely. It was a pretty train station as well. We waited in line for the train and it came blasting its horn and steam releasing, just as in the movie. Then we boarded the train and the adventure began.

Here is the train as it is rolling in. After we boarded, the train took off and then the servers came and gave us hot chocolate and nougat candy. (Taytum's new favorite!) Then they read the book over the loud speaker as the servers showed the pictures up and down the aisle. The train took us to the North Pole where Santa and his elves were waving hello. We took some pics from the train, but was a little disappointed when we didn't get to get off for pics with Santa. We left the North Pole and then sang Christmas Carols. Then the big surprise: here comes Santa Claus and he is delivering silver bells on leather straps. (These were true bells and make a beautiful sound and they look just like the ones in the book!) Then the conductor came by and punched letters into the tickets. And we were back at the station.

Here is Taytum getting her ticket back. She and Alayna were all smiles and laughs. They had the best time. Taytum didn't even cry when she saw Santa this time!!!! (3x later, the man is getting a little too much.....)After leaving the train, they had some food and a set up to watch the movie. So - one funnel cake later and a bit of the movie, we were on our way home. No better way to begin the Christmas holidays, and no better way to put you in the Spirit of Christmas.

Here's to a great evening well worth the money spent; definitely give it two thumbs up! We'll return with more after Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all and may you enjoy the blessed time with your families. I can't wait to exchange blogs and see all the wonderful presents and all the excitement that lies ahead in the next few days.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dallas ROCKS!

I ran the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon last week. It was fun and so neat to do something that 15,000 people participated in! Two friends that I run with ran it with me, but I was joined by some family members as well. My brother and his wife (she ran the full marathon and totally rocked it out!), Kirk's brother-in-law ran the marathon and did amazing too. Kirk's two cousins and one of their husbands ran the half too. When you are waiting in a huge pack of people, there is an army fligh over, and you are being broadcast on ESPN, you begin to build up some wild adrenaline and feel so huge. We loved it all and are glad we did it. Now we move on in our training for the big marathon day in February.