Sunday, August 19, 2007

so much can happen in such little time!

Well, it has been a while since my last post, so here is an update on all of our family.

Big J - he is still with Brighton and loves his job and his area. He does not have to travel hardly any since we have moved, but everywhere he drives is at least an hour drive. He is getting boat fever bad and I am sure he will have a boat before I get my new camera.....

Me - Well, I am going back to work! I am going to be teaching Sr. English at Midaway High School. It is a 4A school and it is huge.....I have to walk three flights of stairs to get to my room. I think it will be a great place to work and other than getting up at 5:30am, I am really going to like being in the classroom again.

Syd - She is ready to be in the 1st grade. She ask every day when she starts school. She is so excited. She is worried about math. I told her, she will be fine. She is worried because she doesn't know how to multiply. I told her many 1st graders don't even know what that means, so she will be ok.

AJ - She is staying with the China Spring's high school principal's wife. Her name is Amy as well. She has a three year old boy and keeps another three year old, plus my two. She loves going to Miss Amy's house and loves being around the other kids to play with all day. She is getting wittier and smarter every day. She "cutes" herself out of a lot of trouble.

Tater - She is 6mos old. She is sitting up, eating food (wants to eat nothing but table food), and is getting bigger everytime I look at her. She had a Dr. visit and the Dr. told us she was to big to carry in the carrier thing. She told us to get the next size car seat for her. I have never had the Dr. tell me a child was too big for something. She wears 12 mos size clothes with a few 6 mos stuff. She is a big girl and she wants to be as big as her two sisters. She is quite nosy - no not liker her mother! and she is going to be into everything when she starts crawling.

That's mainly it for the whittle's. Our world is so different right now, but it will only be a few short weeks before that is our normal routine. So don't complain if the blog is not changed frequently. I barely have time to shave my legs! Do keep us in your prayers as we make all the changes and adjustments.