Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Full of personality

here are my blossoming sweeties. here is to a day of playing dress up and taking pictures. Alayna is wearing a Peter Pan hat and belt and some gloves from a Kim Possible costume. The wooby and binky top this outfit for the perfect dress up outfit. Sydney is sporting a leotard, but you cannot see it because her latest hobby is taking pictures of herself. she takes a lot, so thank goodness for digital days - she would waste a ton of pictures.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

real life

ok, i am starting to feel better. it seems i am more sick from 9-12am and then from 5-8pm. haven't figured out why, but that seems to be the routine. we went to six flags this past weekend. sydney and i went to see aly and aj in concert. (disney singers that are singers) we had a blast. it was wonderful bonding time. mom got to teach syd how to "attend a concert" she wanted to hold her ears, she would not scream and got tired of standing. i - the opposite. i enjoyed myself way too much, but was worth it.
we are getting ready to go on vacation in two weeks to the mountains. i am excited and cannot wait to be in the COLD!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

men and pregnancy

ok, to begin i am not complaining of my husband. he is great help and does more than i could ask for; but how much do men really understand pregnancy. i have been sick, but i am not a throw-up person. i always wish i could b/c i know i will feel so much better afterwards. on sun afternoon i felt horrible. we were all laying on our bed discussing our plans for the afternoon. i looked at everbody and said, "i'm gonna throw up!" so i rush to the bathroom and start the dry heaving that leads to the greatness of first trimester nausea.

kirk first comes in there while i am leaning over the toilet and responds with "honey, i can't believe you are throwing up, you never t hrow up. sydney, go get mom some crackers and juice." i spew more at the sound of food and look over my shoulder at my husband leaning against the counter impressesd and my 2 year old scared crazy and confused and then my 5 year old holding crackers. i realize this is real life - i am a mom.

after all is said and done, i did feel better and my husband rubs my shoulders and is excited by my drama. he comments, "wow, when was the last time you threw up? i think it's been 9 years. oh, that is a sign that this is a boy. i can feel it!" then the nausae came back. is this really the comfort i get? all that we go through and we get they can FEEL it, it's a sign. do i even have the nerve at this point to disappoint him and tell him it is more than a 90% chance of being a girl. can i crush his ego and excitement.

i was the topic and highlight of his entertainment. and if for some odd reason this is a boy - i dare to imagine him there after. needless to say, i have felt worse than ever. getting out of bed and brushing my teeth seem to be a hassle. my 5 year old is taking care of the 2 year old and i feel even more guilty. i cannot wait for the next three weeks to be over. hopefully this stage will pass shortly! and i wish men could experience pregnancy, so they could feel it....