Thursday, February 12, 2009

plans can change in one phone call!

Well, this is how the week was supposed to go for me:
Monday - stay home
Tues - work on Taytum's b-day party
Wed - (I know it should be church, but) Syd had a game
Thurs - go to town to get rest of stuff for party; eagerly await for Mimi and Papa from Lubbock
Fri - grandparents' day at 7:15am, Valentine parties at 10:30 and 2:30, go home and have Taytums 2nd b-day at 6:00pm
Sat - go to Austin, eat out for Valentine's day - pasta of course
Sun - run my first marathon

However, this is how the week has gone!
Mon - go to town to get some b-day stuff
Tues - drove two hours to Marble Falls to honor mother-in-law at a ladies' dinner. got in a hail storm got home at midnight!
Wed - Syd's basketball game
Thurs morning (2:00am) get call from mom. my dad's business is burning down 12:00pm - leave for Lubbock (Idalou)
Fri - cancelled party maybe next weekend?
Sat - go home and then drive to Austin or may stay in Idalou
Sun - run a marathon or drive home from Idalou

WOW! a phone call makes such a difference in our lives. we never know what is on the other line when we simply say, "hello." This has been so sad for us. My grandpa started this business and built this shop in 1948. Then my dad has worked at it and partly owned and when my grandpa passed away completely owned this business. It is our family, our whole lives were this shop. Please pray for my dad and his company as they travel the upcoming journey.


Jennifer said...

Bless your heart! You and your family will be in my prayers.

Darla said...

This is too crazy! Your family needs lots of prayers.